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Parenting Counselling

Parenting is a beautiful yet complex journey, filled with its ups and downs. We understand that it can be a source of stress, and self-awareness is crucial.

It's important to recognize that having a mental illness doesn't make you a bad parent, and having children with special needs doesn't mean they are anything less than wonderful.

Know More About Parenting

What is Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

Parenting guidance and counseling are essential services that provide support and assistance to parents in various aspects of raising and nurturing their children. Some important points to consider:.
🔹Family Cohesiveness: Strong family bonds are linked to higher graduation rates and employment opportunities for children, emphasizing the importance of a healthy family environment..
🔹Effects of Divorce: Approximately 50% of children may develop health issues following their parents' divorce, highlighting the need for support during challenging family transitions..
🔹Young Mothers: Nearly two-thirds of children are born to mothers below 30 years of age, underlining the importance of early parenting guidance and support..
🔹Single Parenting: Single fathers often cohabit with a partner (40%), while single mothers do so less frequently (15%), indicating varying support needs for different family structures..
🔹Psychiatric Disorders: It's important to note that psychiatric disorders in children are not solely the result of poor parenting, emphasizing the need for understanding and assistance rather than blame.

What Are the Signs to Start Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

Recognizing signs that indicate the need for parenting guidance and counseling:

🔹Blaming: Frequent blame games within the family..
🔹Arguments and Violence: Escalating conflicts and potentially violent behavior..
🔹Lying: Dishonesty and lack of trust within the family..
🔹Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Unhealthy expressions of frustration or anger..
🔹Avoiding Responsibilities: Neglecting parental duties..
🔹Temper Tantrums: Frequent and severe outbursts in children..
🔹Withholding Communication: Lack of open and effective communication..
🔹Child Abuse: Physical or emotional abuse towards the child.

When Do We Need Parenting Guidance and Counselling?

Parenting guidance and counseling become crucial in various situations, such as”

🔹Unwillingness to Adjust: When parents struggle to adapt and take on responsibilities effectively..
🔹Special Needs Children: For parents of children with conditions like learning disabilities (LD), autism, ADHD, or other developmental or conduct disorders..
🔹Co-parenting Differences: Co-parenting with someone who has conflicting values or opposing parenting philosophies..
🔹Stepparenting or Single Parenting: Following separation, divorce, or the death of a parent, where new family dynamics must be navigated.

What Are the Therapies Used in Parenting Counselling?

Various therapeutic approaches can be employed in parenting counseling to address different aspects of parenting:

🔹Co-parenting Therapy: Focuses on improving the parenting experience and enhancing the parent-child bond, particularly in situations of shared parenting..
🔹Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: Aims to provide rationality, clarity, and the opportunity to alter unhealthy parenting behaviors..
🔹Psycho-Education: Helps parents understand the underlying causes of problematic behavior and the unique needs of children with special requirements..
🔹Lifestyle Changes and Coping Strategies: Encourages healthy lifestyle adjustments and coping mechanisms such as yoga, journaling, and meditation to reduce stress and improve overall family well-being.